One team per nation, 8 coaches per team bringing 8 different races. The very best of each European country represented.
Teams consisting of 3 coaches bringing 3 different races. There can be more than one team per nation as well as more than one nationality per team. Everyone is welcome to play in this tournament.
Basic Rules
Eurobowl and EurOpen are both played with the Competition Rules Pack with the following changes :
- The teams Slann, Underworld and Chaos Pact are allowed.
- Human catchers are 60k.
- Halfling Treemen gain the Timmmber skill.
- Chaos Pact can have a lineman orc.
- Goblin team can have the Doom diver and the Ooligan.
- A Head Coach can ‘Argue the Call’ on a sending off.

We play according to the resurrection style of play. All coaches start each game with the same roster and skills they registered before the tournament.

Each coach build their team with a treasury consisting of 1,100,000 gold crowns.
Inducements are only available to tier 3 teams with the following restrictions. All tier 3 teams can buy 0-2 Star Players but must have at least 11 regular players before doing so. Goblins may buy 0-3 bribes and Halflings may buy 0-1 master chef.
All skills will be chosen before the tournament and will stay the same for all matches throughout the tournament. See the tier chart below for information on how many and which type of skills your selected team can choose. A coach may use some or all of the extra cash (tier 2 & 3) to buy skills. The rest is added to the team treasury and used towards building the team. Skills are priced as follows, 20K for a normal skill and 30K for a double skill.

Skill stacking or stat upgrades are not allowed for either Eurobowl or EurOpen
Tier 1
6 normal skills

Wood Elf, Undead, Lizardmen, Skaven, Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf, Orcs, Dark Elf, Norse, Amazon
Tier 2
6 normal skills, 1 double skill and 20K extra cash

Chaos, Chaos Pact, Human, Khemri, Slann, Necromantic, High Elf, Elf, Nurgle
Tier 3
6 normal skills, 1 double skill and 50K extra cash

Underworld, Halfling, Goblin, Ogre, Vampire
All coaches need to bring their own printed rosters for the event. At least one roster must be in English to show your opponent during games. First opponent will check your roster.
There will be a team of referees at the venue to help solve problems if they arise.

Feel free to contact one of the referees if not able to solve a situation by yourself. The referees will also keep track of game time and if your match is not progressing fast enough you will be asked to use a chess clock or similar.

All coaches should bring a timer or app to use if necessary to keep matches on time.
Tournament format
Both the Eurobowl and the Eur´Open have the same format.

The tournament consist of six rounds. Teams are paired by Swiss-draw in round two to six. In the first round draws are made randomly. Teams are randomly paired up with a team from the group they are in.

The individual match-ups are decided randomly in the first round and by Swiss-draw thereafter.

Each individual victory gives the team 1 point
Each individual draw gives the team 0.5 point

Team victory earns the team 1 points
Team draw earns both teams 0.5 points
Team loss earns the team 0 points

Tie breakers:
In the case of equal point score in the table of standings the following tie-breaker is used:
- first sort by sum of opponents' points
- then by TD net score
- last by Cas net score

Please note here that only casualties that would yield star player point counts.
Paint and miniatures
Painted miniatures are not mandatory (though we urge you to do so).
The miniatures doesn't have to be original GW-minis. However the miniatures must be representative for the roster's race and players (ie a Norse thrower must look like a Norse thrower) and be easily recognizable from other positionals.

We encourage you to use the following color coded bases:
Grey/none: Lineman
Red: Blitzer
Green: Blocker
White: Thrower
Yellow: Catcher, Runner

If your opponent can't easily recognize the different player types on your team, you must let him mark them somehow (without damaging the miniatures, of course). This could be with bottle caps or colored rings etc.
Rules for fairplay
In order to ensue a tournament in good sport and the best fun for everybody there are a series of rules that can be agreed upon by both coaches in their mutual game.
A rule you have agreed upon is fixed afterwards - unless both coaches agree to cancel it again.
Aside from this there is also a single rule to ensure both coaches feels the dices are, if not even, at least the same.

1) You must allow your opponent to use your dice if he so wishes.

2) If the game comes under the time rules (see below). You can mutually agree that a player who runs out of time isn´t forced to abandon all voluntary actions. In that case both players share the same time pool and the game will end when the time runs out, and the current score at this time will count.
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